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Michael is a fantastic teacher!!!


Global  Testimonials

Vincent Jacquemet
Digital Consulting Director Oil & Gas
Vincent worked with Michael Gieser in different groups

Michael has helped Schneider Electric to develop and implement a Finance & Business development program based on this unique concept. Each training session has really been recognized as great learning experience by the +500 executives who went through the program. There is no doubt that the combined value of the innovative concept and Michael's excellent facilitation and business skills were instrumental in that success story. His relentless energy, commitment to his clients and passion for learning and people make it all quite unique.

Alain Kirchmeyer
Managing Director a
Unither Pharmaceuticals

Alain was a client of Michael Gieser

I attended two training sessions led by Michael and dedicated to financial courses for non financial people. The team based simulation game is a wonderful way to raise financial awareness among non financial populations and a unique and intelligent opportunity to foster team building. Finally, but not least, Michael has a unique talent to facilitate such training sessions even with large audiences, to explain complex notions in an understandable way and instill energy in people around him.

James Van Der Westhuzien
Managing Director KnowHouse
James worked with Michael in the same group

Michael is a passionate learning facilitator and a true craftsman of learning contexts. He lives his trade and always understands the objective of the learning programme.

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